She rested.

Monday was a rest day. It was good (and smart) to rest yesterday. It was difficult, too. I felt a bit guilty and somewhat worried that I was “falling off the wagon,” a phrase that I hate. As someone who has been overweight for quite sometime and who is constantly talking about starting a diet and/or workout routine but never quite sticking to it, I am obviously afraid of losing momentum. But never fear, I was up at 5:55am today and back at it. Kathryn (my workout buddy) and I met and walked about 2.5 miles. This evening, I did a create-your-own workout at home (resistance band work, squats + jumping jacks) while watching The Biggest Loser. Now, I’m watching the State of the Union before crashing in my bed. This early rising is gonna take some getting used to. πŸ˜‰

Peanut butter + banana smoothieΒ (with 0% strawberry Chobani instead of almond milk)

Β Subway (6-inch turkey + ham; no cheese; loaded with veggies; baked sour cream + onion lays)

Taco Bell bean burrito

I was in the car a lot yesterday, and since I hadn’t gone grocery shopping over the weekend, I had to eat on-the-go, which I don’t prefer. I was, however, relatively pleased with my choices and managed to stay below my daily calorie goal. As soon as I got home last night, I headed to the store to purchase some healthy eats for the remainder of the week!

0% Blood Orange Chobani (not my favorite flavor so far)
Multi-grain cheerios
Honeycrisp apple

Lower sodium turkey breast sandwich on Oroweat sandwich thin (w/ wholly guacamole 100-cal pack; spicy sprouts; lettuce; tomato; dijon mustard)
String cheese

5-oz. can of tuna on a bed of lettuce w/ tomato + low-fat balsamic vinaigrette

*Forgot pictures of lunch and dinner! I’m working to get better at this. Bear with me. πŸ™‚

I’m off to bed. The alarm is going to come all too early tomorrow. I’m looking forward to pushing through a tough workout in the morning. I will leave you with this tweet I read today, “You can either be sore or sorry tomorrow. Your choice.”




2 responses to “She rested.

  1. Proud of you and happy to walk alongside you on this journey.

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