Drumroll, please!!!!!!!!!!!!


As of today, Linz Loses is PUBLIC. That may seem to be a cause for celebration, but as of now, it is only causing a pit in my stomach. I began this blog 6 days ago, with full intentions of “going public.” But every time I was on the verge of changing settings, I got super anxious. Sharing such a personal and sometimes very difficult journey in a setting such as this requires some serious vulnerability. And it means that other people will become invested in my experience, which on one hand, is exactly what I want. But it’s also scary.

Today, however, I was talking to my co-worker about the blog. (Hi Donna!) She asked to read it. I got all anxious again, but she gave me the encouragement I needed to take the public plunge. So now, my readership has probably gone from one (yes, me) to three. And that is only if my parents are, in fact, reading my blog.Β 

I’m excited about seeing how the blog will evolve over time, and I’m even more excited that you’re here. So, here’s to pushing past fears, living authentically, and sharing my journey with YOU.

As part of GO PUBLIC DAY, I sent emails to a very small handful of family and friends, with a link to my blog. In response, I received this photo for motivation:

my college roommates & VERY GOOD friends, allison (me in the middle) and maria

What? Is it not cool to buy matching bags and wear them all around campus together??? Because, clearly, we thought that it was. (And we still do.)

Thanks, Allison, for sending this photo! (That was circa 2003-2004, and probably 60-70 pounds ago.) It absolutely motivates me to work even harder and makes the taste of the end goal seem that much sweeter.

YESTERDAY’S FOODΒ (no pictures. again. dangit. i’m working on this.)
Peanut butter chocolate chip larabar

Antone’s original sub (500 cals)
Due to flash flooding (crazy, right?), I was stuck in a grocery store parking lot during the lunch hourΒ and grabbed a quick sandwich.


My roommate made tacos. I had some ground beef, a tiny portion of her homemade Mexican rice (!!!), lettuce + tomato, a bit of guacamole, a bit of sour cream, some salsa and a few chips.

The best part of dinner was this:

our neighbor, ashley, came over for dinner. she brought her precious 1-year-old, kylie, who enjoyed a fun bubble bath in the kitchen sink. πŸ˜‰

2 mile walk (16 min/mile pace)
*I woke up yesterday morning at 5:30 to get in my walk because I had an early closing out in the ‘burbs. A big shout-out to Kathryn for waking up RIDICULOUSLY early so that I did not have to brave the dark, early morning streets alone.Β 

I must admit that waking up early to exercise is really growing on me. I enjoy starting out my day in such a positive way, and it’s nice to actually have a leisurely morning (shower, Today Show, breakfast, coffee). You can ask any member of my family, and they will tell you under no uncertain terms that I am, in NO way, shape, or form, a morning person. In high school, my sister would regularly come into my room about 15 minutes before we were scheduled to leave the house for school, and turn on my lights. When that didn’t work, she and my mom would have to yell at me from downstairs, when there were about 5 minutes left. Like I said, NOT A MORNING PERSON. But things may be changing. The verdict is still out on that one.

Until tomorrow… which just happens to be the first edition of my weekly weigh-in… have a wonderful evening!






3 responses to “WE’RE PUBLIC, FOLKS.

  1. Linz,
    I LOVED reading your blog. I’m very excited and proud about the life changing decisions you’ve made. One day at a time and often one hour at a time will get you exactly where you want to be and more importantly, where you deserve to be. Always here for you.
    I love you linz jean!

  2. I am so excited for you! I have already enjoyed reading so far! I look forward to following you on your journey. I try to lead a fit & healthy lifestyle and I love when those around me do too! I will try to suport you any way I can. Go Linz!

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