Friday’s Weigh-In

Good morning! IT’S FRIDAY!!!!!!

Time for the WEEKLY WEIGH-IN.
This week, I lost 2.9 pounds, for a total loss of 5.4 pounds.

Week 2 -2.9
Week 1 -2.5
TOTAL -5.4

Each Friday, I will also post a (short) list of goals for the next 7 days. These goals will be heavily based on an analysis of the previous week and the results of the weigh-in. What changes and/or improvements can I make? How do I feel about my progress so far? 

Something that I want to remember on this journey is that it’s a forever thing (or “lifestyle change,” if you will). This is not a lose-one-hundred-pounds-as-quickly-as-possible-so-I-can-start-having-fun-and-being-completely-mindless-again type of thing.  This healthy lifestyle that I am implementing is a long-lasting way of life, so it is important to me that I am patient with the speed of my results. It is important that I go about this in a healthy, sustainable way. My brother-in-law, Chris, is one of my biggest supporters on this journey. He is an incredible endurance athlete, having run 11 marathons thus far, and he has given me some advice this week that I will share (I hope he doesn’t mind.) —

  • [Make] good, small choices everyday. Just like training for a marathon
  • It seriously is [a for the rest of your life] type of journey. More than anything else you will do today. Work, money, friends, clothes all come and go. Your body and health will be with you forever.
  • [The] benefits you cannot see are coming now! You feel better, and your body is rejoicing that you are making it more healthy.

Thank you, Chris! You inspire me and are a tremendous encouragement to me on this journey.

stacey (sister), beckett's (my nephew) head ;-), me, chris at christmas last year


1. Drink More Water
 I did pretty well on my water for about 40-50% of the week. I keep a 32-ounce Nalgene bottle at my desk in my office, so my goal is to drink at least 2 of those bottles each day while I’m in the office, and to drink at least 2 glasses of water in the morning before work and at least 2 at night.

2. Increase Frequency & Intensity of Workouts
One of my absolute favorite workouts is zumba. I love to dance, and I love good music. So this is a perfect workout for me! Tuesday night at 6:45 with Micki is a high-energy, incredibly fun class, so after a lengthy zumba hiatus, I’m headed back this week. Most of my workouts this week were walks. I will add more jogging into the mix, along with the zumba class.

3. Cut Out Carbs at Night
I am, by no means, doing a no-carb diet. At this point, I do not want to be restrictive in any way. I know myself too well, and if I restrict, I will rebel. However, this week, I’m going to limit my carb intake to breakfast and lunch, with only protein and veggies for dinner. We’ll find out next week how this affects the weigh-in!

0% Pomegranate Chobani (first time having this flavor, and LOVED it!!! Chobani was 10 for $10 this week at the grocery store, so my refrigerator is STOCKED.)
Multi-grain Cheerios

Baby spring mix salad w/ Boar’s Head lower sodium turkey breast, sliced tomatoes, slivered almonds + low-fat balsamic vinaigrette
Wasa multi-grain crispbread
100-cal pack of Wholly Guacamole (love. this. stuff.)

Grilled chicken salad at Chili’s — pictured here (Lighter Choices section, for 420 cals. They actually have a QR code in the Lighter Choices section of the menu. You scan it with your smart phone and can access nutrition info for all options. Pretty cool!)
I went to dinner with my friend Kim last night. She suggested Smashburger, but I wasn’t feeling entirely confident in making a healthy choice there. So she immediately changed her suggestion to Chili’s, which I very much appreciated. Having such a strong support system is a large key to the success of this journey for me.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I plan to get in some tough workouts this weekend. I will update you Monday (possibly sooner, but no promises).



4 responses to “Friday’s Weigh-In

  1. BOOM!

  2. Great job! Be good this weekend! 🙂

  3. WONDERFUL!! love you!

  4. beautiful you!

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