On a scale of one to ten…

I’d say this weekend was a solid SEVEN. I stayed on track and remained in control, diet and exercise-wise, even in the midst of going out and enjoying myself.

What I did this weekend:

1. I counted EVERY calorie that I put into my mouth. EVERY SINGLE ONE. (This makes a really big difference, especially when I am 100% honest with my food tracking.)
2.  I got to spend quality time with lots of different friends.
3. I went to one of my favorite (tequila) bars, El Gran Malo. To drink, I had a paloma 2 palomas, and I ordered the ceviche for dinner.
4. I went to see Man on a Ledge. It was good, but I honestly could have taken it or left it.
5.  I had an impromptu hang-out session with my co-workers/friends and got to (finally!) see their beautiful new home. *Note to self: Start taking more pictures for this blog!!!
6.  I did laundry.
7. I worked out on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.
8. I got my hair did.

blondes have more fun. no, seriously.


Friday Breakfast
Lower sodium turkey, egg white, guacamole + tomato sandwich on whole grain English muffin

LOOK!!! I actually remembered to take a photo. I am going to improve on this. Really, I am.

finished product.

Friday Lunch
Chocolate chip brownie larabar + apple

Friday Dinner
Ceviche at El Gran Malo (delish!!!)

Saturday Breakfast
McDonald’s egg mcmuffin

Saturday Lunch
Larabar + apple (I am trying not to make a habit out of these larabar lunches. I’ve just been out and about during the lunch hour. I need some new ideas for lunches that I can keep in the car with me, instead of needing to be refrigerated…)

Saturday Dinner
Jason’s Deli salad bar (lots of veggies and low-cal ranch dressing) + cup of Southwestern Chicken Chili (my favorite!!!)

Sunday Breakfast
3 egg whites + 1 egg scrambled in 1 tsp. olive oil
Whole grain English muffin w/ tbsp. grape jelly

Sunday Lunch
Peanut butter + banana smoothie
2 chicken fajita tacos from Taco Cabana

Sunday Dinner
Baby spring mix salad w/ light honey dijon dressing, cucumbers, grape tomatoes and sliced almonds
Spicy pot roast
We have company at our house every Sunday night to watch the show-of-the-season on either Showtime or HBO. Right now, it’s Shameless. Little victory: I passed on the baked potatoes (no carbs at dinner this week! check.) and the red velvet cupcakes (did not fit into daily calorie limit). I was (still am) proud.

Monday Breakfast
Carrot cake larabar + apple

Monday Lunch
Lower sodium turkey breast on sandwich thin
Baby spring mix salad w/grape tomatoes, slivered almonds + light balsamic vinaigrette

Monday Dinner
Chili w/ a bit of shredded cheese and onions (Thanks, Ashley, aka most amazing neighbor ever who cooks delicious meals and delivers them to my door after I work out. You are amazing.)

Time for bed. 5:55am comes verrrrrry early. Hope you have a wonderful week!




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