Two Thoughts

1. Sticking to a ROUTINE is crucial to my successful weight loss.
Last week, my routine got shaken up quite a bit. I left town for a better part of the week and weekend. While I “did well” being away from home, meaning that I stayed within my daily caloric goal for the most part,  picking up my routine since I’ve been back home has been quite a challenge. For starters, I got home just in time for a Super Bowl party, hosted by my roommate. This meant fantastic company, along with LOADS OF fantastic food and beverages. I counted my calories that night (yay!), but I did not make particularly healthy choices. I was not too pleased with myself. I did discover a new beverage concoction: Champagne + grapefruit juice. That may be part of the reason that my decision-making abilities were somewhat impaired.

Now it is Wednesday, and I am just getting back “on track.” I have not yet been to the grocery store since I got back home last weekend, which means that I haven’t planned any meals and that I am not quite settled back into my routine.

Rather than beating myself up about this, I will list two important takeaways from my experience:

1. Upon returning home from a trip, going to the grocery store ASAP must be high on my priority list.
2. Planning better for an out-of-town trip (packing weather-appropriate workout gear, packing more grab+go snacks, i.e., larabars, apples, clementines) will help me to stay in a good mental zone while away, which will make the transition back home go more smoothly.

2. Having a workout buddy is a HUGE key to my success.
Last week, I was out of town, and this week, my workout buddy Kathryn is out of town on business. Not being able to workout together (with the exception of this past Monday) has made me realize how important it is to have that accountability. Knowing that someone is also waking up before 6:00am, and knowing that she is literally waiting for me outside is a tremendous motivation. I am an incredibly social person who thrives on relationships with others, so integrating that into my fitness journey makes perfect sense. I am grateful to have a workout buddy who is committed to the process of getting healthy and fit, and who holds me accountable and pushes me to be my best.

Now, onto TODAY IN FOOD :
1 egg + 3 egg whites, scrambled in 1 tsp. olive oil
1 whole grain english muffin w/ grape jelly
2 clementines

Subway turkey breast sandwich on wheat bread, no cheese, w/ spicy mustard + lots of veggies

And I leave you with photos of two fantastic meals I ate last week.

"Inside/Out Burger," w/ salad, instead of fries


Smoked Salmon w/ Cream Cheese and Dill Omelette

it. was. delicious. i could only eat half, due to its richness. i offered for others at my table to try. no takers! guess it's an acquired taste 😉

Happy Mid-Week!



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