Focus + Discipline

Good morning (well, almost afternoon now)!

As I  mentioned, last week was a tough week (emotionally + mentally), which means staying on track and making consistently healthy and good-for-me choices was a REAL CHALLENGE (one that I did not always win). Because weight loss is, in very large part, a mental battle, weeks like last week can knock the wind out of your sails and derail your efforts. I was talking with my brother-in-law Chris this weekend about how/why overweight people stay overweight. — One day of bad choices leads to defeated and self-deprecating thoughts, which lead to  an entire week of bad choices, which leads to the “Obviously, I failed at this”, “I’m never going to be able to succeed at this,” “I’ll just give up…again” thoughts. Then a week of bad choices becomes a month of bad choices, and so on.

My manager at work had this phrase pinned onto her bulletin board for as long as I can remember, “Focus & Discipline.” A few months ago, she gave it to me. It’s been sitting on my desk since then. And I’ve been thinking a lot about this seemingly simple concept over the last few days. When you’re trying to get somewhere in life, no  matter how lofty the goal, FOCUS and DISCIPLINE are key. For me, in the midst of a busy life, packed full of wonderful family, great friends and an often hectic job, I find it challenging to narrow my focus. But right now, and for the next several months, I must focus on my efforts to lose weight and become healthy. My very first blog post reminds me why I am here and why I am doing this.


2-egg white + 1 egg omelette w/red+green bell pepper and onion
Whole grain English muffin w/ reduced fat cream cheese and strawberries

And, of course, coffee w/ skim milk + my beloved Truvia

After breakfast, I whipped up (and froze) some turkey burgers for lunches and dinners this week and next. My evenings are pretty booked for the next several days, so I won’t be eating dinner at home. I needed to use the turkey and didn’t want to freeze it without making some sort of freezable, quick,  throw-on-the-stove creation first.

Into my turkey burgers went unsweetened applesauce (to cut the dryness of ground turkey), ketchup, low sodium soy sauce (not pictured), diced onion, chili powder, lemon pepper seasoning, black pepper and garlic powder. I prefer to chop and use fresh garlic but forgot to buy it on Monday evening at the grocery store. Also, I would have purchased extra lean ground turkey, had it been in stock. 

5 turkey burgers, approximately 4-oz. each, headed into the freezer!

This morning, Kathryn, Carlie (pictured below) and I walked our usual almost-2.5-mile neighborhood route. Another Kathryn+Lindsey workout is scheduled for tonight. This will likely include either elliptical or treadmill, along with a weight and abs workout.

My 2nd workout buddy, Carlie. She OWNS the treadmill.

To wrap things up, here are more pictures of pure adorable-ness. These are from visiting my family last weekend.

Me w/ my nephew Beckett and niece Micah... My happy place.

The handsome (and ALWAYS smiling) Beckett Lucas. This little love has stolen my heart.

Is there anything cuter? (Yes, I know. I am THAT aunt. And I am okay with it.) Oh, and mom, you are welcome for my cropping you out. 🙂

I am a lucky girl. 🙂



4 responses to “Focus + Discipline

  1. Great post Lindsey! Good job getting back on the wagon! Just because you mess up one meal, one day or week – doesn’t mean you can’t succeed!

  2. Good tip on the applesauce too!

  3. You are doing awesome, sister! So proud of you. And, I would argue that my kids are the lucky ones 🙂

  4. Hi Lindsey-

    I just discovered your blog and I’m enjoying it very much!

    As someone who with a loooooong history of yo-yo weight loss and weight gain, I can certainly identify with being derailed. For many years, one or two bad meals would lead to a bad day and before I knew it, I was on an upward trend and feeling completely demoralized.

    In the last couple years, I’ve explored a bit of *why* I’ve always gravitated towards unhealthy foods in large portions. I made some discoveries about myself that allowed me to view that behavior more objectively and feel less ashamed when I made unhealthy choices. I applaud you for reading about these issues because in my experience, understanding why we do what we do is one of the keys to making positive changes.

    Best wishes!

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