Seven Days Later…

It’s been AN ENTIRE WEEK since my last post. Oops. But I’ll let you in on a little secret, folks: You are in for some big-time blog surprises over the next 7 days (Who’s excited???)! This may include the introduction of a theme day or two and bringing back the dreaded highly anticipated weigh-in. So stay tuned.

Without further ado, here’s a quick (not-nearly-exhaustive) photographic recap of a few of this week’s eats:

A favorite (quick-and-easy) breakfast: 0% Chobani (my fave flaves: peach, pomegranate and the new apple cinnamon!!!) and (not pictured) 1 cup of multi-grain cheerios. *Small victory story: Last week, we had our annual office awards breakfast at a popular dining spot in the Heights. They usually serve a continental-type breakfast, and I wasn’t entirely sure what the spread would contain. So I ate my yogurt and cheerios while getting ready at home and had a  serving of beautiful, fresh fruit at the awards breakfast.


Another favorite meal and/or snack: Peanut butter + banana smoothie (This week, I added fresh strawberries and used PB2 for the first time. — LOVED. IT.)


Yes. This happened.


What? Do you not want me to be honest? I know, I know… I said I was done with these sweet, SWEET gifts from heaven, at least for a while. 


Redemption photo below 🙂
A delicious and colorful salad w/ baby spring mix, grape tomatoes, yellow bell pepper, cucumber + Ken’s Light Options honey dijon dressing

I enjoyed this salad with a turkey burger, and it was surprisingly DELICIOUS! The apple sauce secret does wonders in keeping the ground turkey from being disgustingly dry.


And finally, today’s breakfast:

2 egg whites+1 egg, scrambled with 1/2 tsp olive oil; whole grain English muffin with 1 tbsp reduced fat cream cheese; a cup of strawberries; and COFFEE 🙂

Before I return to my regularly scheduled LAZY SATURDAY AFTERNOON (Since I am a Realtor, these are very few and far between for me, so I’m excited!), I want to share something I found this week on a recently discovered blog.


It was worth every…

  • Donut left behind
  • Apple instead of bagel
  • Sweat
  • Blood
  • Tears
  • Blisters
  • Pricey new running shoes
  • Counting calories
  • Keeping journals
  • Looking like crap, because I can’t be bothered styling my hair [gym in the pm]
  • Not being able to sit because of muscle pain
  • Leaving my warm bed to run in -20
  • Running in thunderstorms and up big hills
  • Getting up early to pack for the gym
  • Wanting nothing more than to watch TV, but then going for a run
  • Missing out on drunken fun nights with friends
  • Not being included in ‘McDonalds Office Runs’
  • Ordering salads over fast food
  • Going to bed with no desert
  • Skipping the popcorn and M&Ms at movie theatres [damn, that’s so good]
  • The price tag of each race
  • Skipping horse riding for runs [sad times there]
  • Pushing through shaky arms/legs in the gym
  • Saying no to a free chocolate bar
  • Walking past the (delicious looking) sandwiches in the office
  • Ruining my styled hair for a workout
  • Forcing myself to eat eggs
  • All my IT Band Knee Issues
  • Giving my Valentines Day chocolates to my friends
  • Having an 80 cal fudgesicle [instead of an ice-cream cone]
  • Choosing a tea over a latte
  • Saying, ‘no,’ instead of ‘whatever’


I appreciated this particular post because the sacrifices along this weight loss journey seem so great and almost unmanageable at times. Knowing that, to someone who has been through the roughest parts of the journey, the sacrifices are undoubtedly worth it, keeps me going in my darkest moments.

Have a lovely weekend, and rest assured that you’ll be seeing more of me this week.



2 responses to “Seven Days Later…

  1. I’m excited…I love surprises! I hope you had a very nice relaxing day.
    love you linz!

  2. Just assure me you’re NOT moving to another continent!
    love you!

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