Recent Eats

In case you were wondering, here’s a little glimpse into what I’ve been eating lately…

Mediterranean Salad w/ seared ahi tuna from Becks Prime (a somewhat overpriced, but delicious, healthy, + close-to-the-office lunch option)

Baked sweet potato fries w/olive oil + sea salt, dipped in either ketchup or wholly guacamole

After a little olive oil + sea salt tossing action, and before going into the oven (I forgot an after photo… oops!)

One of my FAVORITE snacks (and sometimes, lunches): a larabar

Also pictured, my handy dandy nalgene bottle! 4 of these babies = a gallon

Another quick + easy snack option: Wasa multi-grain cracker w/ hummus

The. Best. Turkey. Burger. Ever.

Seriously. Try it! I really think it's the applesauce that's working the magic here.

Some chopped veggies (yellow bell pepper, grape tomatoes, cucumber) for salads

Ridiculously GIANT (You can’t tell from this picture.) strawberries that were served with breakfast at my parents’ house on Sunday after the 5k. On my to-do list: Go strawberry picking!!! I’ve never picked berries before, so I’m determined to make it happen.

I promise to include more food photos on a regular basis! Have a good night! 🙂 It’s off to bed for me. This new schedule (verrrry early-to-bed and even earlier-to-rise) is kinda growing on me.



One response to “Recent Eats

  1. Seriously the strawberry picking has to happen! They’re so good and in season right now!! Are the Larabars good?? I hate when bars have that “protein” taste… also have you tried the KIND bars? They have them at Starbucks and the grocery store–totally yum. I’m out of town until Sunday then busy until Tuesday, but let’s get together after that!! You’re welcome for the longest comment ev!

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