I Went Shoppin’…

…grocery shoppin’, that is, earlier this week. The goods: Some of my staples:

  • Eggs (hard-boiled as a snack; scrambled in the morning; sometimes in omelettes, but not this week)
  • Larabars (SAVEMYLIFE snacks and sometimes meals…There are always one or two in my purse.)
  • Chobani non-fat in my fave flaves pomegranate, peach and apple cinnamon
  • Organic baby spring mix
  • Tuna pouches (to go atop baby spring mix!)
  • Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin English muffins (first time to try these)
  • Berries 🙂
  • Unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • Bananas
  • Steamfresh green beans (so so so easy and perfect for a weeknight dinner!)
  • Vitamin Water Zero
  • Truvia (I keep a few packets in my purse at all times.)
  • True Lemon (found out about this product from Biggest Loser sisters Olivia + Hannah)

The next couple of weeks are going to be crazy (and VERY FUN and VERY EXCITING) for me. Yesterday afternoon, I headed out of town to celebrate my 30th birthday with my family (mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law, niece, nephew, aunt and uncle) and one of my college roommates and her new baby. I’ll come back to Houston on Sunday afternoon and fly out bright and early next Thursday morning (my actual birthday) for my birthday weekend (#TWENTYTENinNYC, if you’re into hashtags 😉 ). I’ll be spending 4 amazing days and nights in New York. After I return from New York, I’ve got some out-of-town trips and a move planned (more on all of that in another post…or two…or three), so needless to say, things are going to be busy around here for much of the foreseeable future.

All of that to say… I have a difficult time knowing how to plan for grocery store trips (how much to buy, what to buy, etc.) before going out of town. It always seems like work really picks up right before going out of town, so I’m generally in a whirlwind of working, packing, last-minute-outfit-shopping (I know, I know.) right until the moment I check my luggage and make it through the (hopefully very short) security line at the airport. I don’t like to spend much time on preparing meals when I know I’m headed on an out-of-town trip. This, of course, leads to copious amounts of fast food (—> not-so-good choices —> feeling guilty —> making not-so-good choices while out of town —> having a very difficult time getting back on the wagon/in a routine upon returning home). I’ve blogged previously about routine being an incredibly integral part of my weight loss process. So while I am beyond ecstatic about my family celebration this weekend and my NYC celebration the next, I am also very aware of (and a bit anxious about) the fact that I need to make a few changes to my typical fly-by-the-seat-0f-my-pants approach to preparing for and going on a trip.

Sorry my blog posts have been quite sparse. But for now, I’m headed out to spend some quality time (on an absolutely beautiful central Texas day) with several people that I love! Happy St. Patty’s Day!!! Have a green beer (or two) for me. CHEERS! 🙂



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