Oh, hello…

I AM ALIVE, in case you’ve been worried.

My dad actually asked me last week if he should remove my blog from his Google Reader. The answer is NO!

Since my last blog post…

1. I turned thirty (and it was AMAZING!).

2. I had one of the best weekends OF MY LIFE in New York City.

3. I began a program with an NYC-based holistic health counselor.

4. I traveled to Bryan, TX to watch (and volunteer at) a Guinness World Record-breaking baseball game (49 consecutive hours of baseball) to raise money for children in slavery.

5. My sister turned 28, and we celebrated.

6. I (finally) saw (and LOVED) The Hunger Games.

7. I went back to my Zumba class. The class is now a “Zumba/nightclub cardio” class, which I LOVED. I mean, whenever the instructor yells at you to “get low” multiple times during the class (and is not referring to squats), you know it’s gonna be a good time.

8. I have become obsessed with Fun.’s “We Are Young,” Katy Perry’s “Part of Me,” and Taylor Swift’s “Eyes Open.” I listen to these three songs over and over (quite loudly) in my car on a very regular basis.


More blogs posts are coming soon!

I have an “I Turned Thirty!” post in the draft stage, and I will publish it as soon as possible, maybe on my 30-years-and-1-month birthday (April 22nd). πŸ˜‰

I will also be expounding upon other items in the above list in future posts, so stay tuned.



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