The Wave

Today’s workout was no joke. I EARNED every drop of sweat that I left behind on the gym floor. The cardio portion of the workout was excitingly described to us as “The Wave.” Sounds SUPER FUN, right??? … Yeah, I thought so too … BEFORE we began. 

Basically, “The Wave” consists of:

  • 40 seconds of 70% effort on a machine (treadmill; rower; spin bike; ski machine)
  • 20 seconds of 100% effort
  • Repeat for a total of 6 minutes on each machine.

There was a ridiculous amount of sweat and and quite a bit of huffing and puffing and maybe some yelling. But it was awesome. I feel stronger. Every time I push past my comfort zone, CHANGE happens. Right now, it’s these life-changing (no exaggeration) workouts that are keeping me on the path toward fitness. Working out keeps me sane, and even when my eating is *not the best*, I’m in the gym, pushing through my fears and limitations and moving in the direction of my dreams. 

The strength portion of today’s workout consisted of burnouts (both upper and lower body), each followed by an auxiliary set. A few weeks ago, I dislocated my shoulder (That’s right. I sustained an injury, which means I’m legit now, doesn’t it?), so my upper body workouts are somewhat limited while I’m healing. This results in DOUBLE LEG WORK for Lindsey. I squat. And I lunge. And then I squat some more. And lunge a little more after that. I EXPECT TO HAVE SOME SERIOUSLY AMAZING LEGS AND A KILLER GLUTEUS MAXIMUS TO SHOW FOR THIS. 

After tonight’s workout, a green smoothie sounded like the perfect dinner. 


1 scoop whey protein (I usually buy chocolate flavor.)
1 tablespoon PB2
1/2 cup Unsweetened Almond Breeze coconut/almond milk blend (LOVE THIS STUFF!)
1/2 frozen banana
A couple large handfuls of spinach

This smoothie is one of the meals in my breakfast rotation. But tonight, it was a fantastic, veggie-packed, low-cal option for a post-workout dinner. 



Now it’s time for one of my favorite holiday movies of all time: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. I’m a sucker for a good holiday movie, especially on an 80-degree Texas December night. (Dear Winter, You have only 17 days to make your appearance. PLEASE. Do not disappoint.) 

Happy Monday!



One response to “The Wave

  1. So I just sat and read EVERY entry to this blog!! Wow, you are truly a great writer to keep my attention for that long. I hope you will post more often! You are speaking such truth to the battle that so many of us face with food, weight, body issues, etc. I completely relate to the “all or nothing” mentality and struggle with balance on a daily basis. This is so fun to get a peek into your life and story, and I plan to come back often! 🙂

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