Learned A Lot

Nobody told me that living was easy
I ain’t living in fear anymore
Amos Lee, Learned A Lot

My life has changed. A lot. Over the past six months, I…

  • Left Houston, which had been home for more than seven years
  • Began working out in small group training sessions four times per week
  • Severely cut back my consumption of alcohol
  • Limited the number of times per week I eat at restaurants
  • Started drinking LOTS OF WATER (like, four 32-oz. Nalgene bottles each day) — My trainer told me to become “water girl,” and that I did!
  • Started bringing my lunch to the office
  • Failed. A lot. And succeeded. And didn’t give up.
  • Shed a lot of sweat and some tears. And also 35 pounds.

Over the past six months, I’ve realized that…

  • I AM WORTH IT.  
  • I must have patience with myself, be kind to myself, and love myself.
  • This is a journey. That means there will be detours. Pit stops. Sometimes short-lived, and sometimes longer-lasting. It is crucial to take time to embrace, examine and understand these tough times. They are inevitable.
  • This journey requires A LOT of physical work, but it requires even more mental and emotional work.
  • This journey is long. It is sometimes good and often sometimes bad. It is a forever journey. In the ever-so-eloquent words of Robert Earl Keen, “The road goes on forever…”
  • My journey is anything but perfect. But it is MY journey. And I am learning to accept its beauty.
  • My dreams can come true. My dreams ARE coming true. Right here. Right now.

Here is a small glimpse into what’s been going on in the last few months. A few weeks ago, my gym, BCS Fitness, put together this “Client Spotlight,” documenting my weight loss journey and my experience working out at the gym. Because working out BCS Fitness has been inexplicably instrumental in my weight loss and fitness success thus far, I was honored and humbled to be a featured client.

Check out the video here:


Nobody told me that living was easy
I ain’t living in fear anymore

Have a beautiful day, friends.

With a heart full of gratitude,



One response to “Learned A Lot

  1. YES! Love your honesty and willingness to share your journey! Thanks for encouraging me, friend!!

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