Recent Eats

In case you were wondering, here’s a little glimpse into what I’ve been eating lately…

Mediterranean Salad w/ seared ahi tuna from Becks Prime (a somewhat overpriced, but delicious, healthy, + close-to-the-office lunch option)

Baked sweet potato fries w/olive oil + sea salt, dipped in either ketchup or wholly guacamole

After a little olive oil + sea salt tossing action, and before going into the oven (I forgot an after photo… oops!)

One of my FAVORITE snacks (and sometimes, lunches): a larabar

Also pictured, my handy dandy nalgene bottle! 4 of these babies = a gallon

Another quick + easy snack option: Wasa multi-grain cracker w/ hummus

The. Best. Turkey. Burger. Ever.

Seriously. Try it! I really think it's the applesauce that's working the magic here.

Some chopped veggies (yellow bell pepper, grape tomatoes, cucumber) for salads

Ridiculously GIANT (You can’t tell from this picture.) strawberries that were served with breakfast at my parents’ house on Sunday after the 5k. On my to-do list: Go strawberry picking!!! I’ve never picked berries before, so I’m determined to make it happen.

I promise to include more food photos on a regular basis! Have a good night! 🙂 It’s off to bed for me. This new schedule (verrrry early-to-bed and even earlier-to-rise) is kinda growing on me.



Weekend Wrap-Up

It’s MONDAY!!!!!!!

Are you dying to hear about my weekend??? I thought so.

On Friday afternoon, I packed up and headed out of town (a mere hour & 15 minutes drive) to my sister’s house for our 5k WEEKEND EXTRAVAGANZA!!!! (Ok, we didn’t really call it that, but it sounds fun, huh?) Friday night was dinner with my sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew at Cheddar’s, where I ordered a mojito and a chicken+shrimp Asian salad. I was quite pleased with my choices…particularly the mojito. 😉  The evening ended with Nacho Libre at my sister’s. When you are a man, sometimes you wear stretchy pants in your room. It’s for fun.

On Saturday, we headed out to the Armadillo Dash expo to pick up our race packets. Then, I enjoyed a fun Saturday afternoon playing with this little man…


…this sweet girl:

…being dominated by these two playing Just Dance Kids on the Wii:

Watch out, Stacey & Chris. I am not going down without a fight. I'm going to practice the Gummy Bear routine EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT.

…and doing some window shopping with my mom.

Saturday night, I spent the night at my parents’ house, which included a taco salad dinner a la my dad, some good conversation around the fire pit, a glass of red wine, (What??? I’m not supposed to drink the night before a race??? No one told me that rule…) and final preparations for Sunday morning’s race.

I took a shower and hopped into bed by 9:30 on Saturday night. Sunday morning was a bright and early 5:20am wake-up call. We got to the race around 6:20am. Sunday morning was quite cold for our neck-of-the-woods (around 40 degrees). So Stacey, mom, and I sat in the warm car until about 15 minutes before the start of  the race.

The race didn’t start on time, so we had quite a bit of “standing around, being reeeeeeally cold” time.

Stacey, mom and me

This was the first race for all 3 of us, and from the beginning, we made a pact to stick together, no matter what the pace. We were hoping to finish in under 50 minutes. Basically, our goal was to finish before they started tearing down the course behind us, as the 5k course was scheduled to be open only for one hour. Stacey had the Garmin and did a great job of keeping us under a 15-minute pace. We did run/walk intervals of 2 minutes running and 5 minutes walking.

Just crossed the start! Can you find us??

Chris (brother-in-law), Micah (niece), and Beckett (nephew) were around mile 1, cheering us on, which was a very pleasant surprise.

We had a lot of fun, and I am SO glad the 3 of us decided to do this together. Thank you, Stacey and mom, for both being so encouraging and awesome! I am proud of all of us!

Approaching the finish line!

We crossed the finish line at 46:10 (14:48 pace), hands-in-hands. 🙂 I must say that I cannot wait to cross another finish lineThat was an exhilarating feeling. Stacey and I have even begun discussions of a half marathon. (Am I crazy?????)

All the girls, post-race

After the race, we headed out to my parents’ house, where my dad prepared a yummy omelette breakfast.

The chef! (Thanks, Dad, for being our chauffeur, photographer and cook for the morning.)

Omelettes with bell pepper, mushroom, spinach, onion, turkey sausage and cheese! Yummmm.

Next on my racing agenda is to sign up for the MD Anderson Sprint For Life 5k on May 5th. Having a race on my calendar keeps me focused on a goal, which is the best form of motivation for me. And now that I have a time to beat, I am going to train even harder. GAME ON!